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How to make Money like an Influencer

So, it turns out you’re already sharing what you love, you just aren’t profiting from it!

You get a new fabulous haircut, you tell your friends, except the salon doesn’t send you a thank you check, do they?!

You blast about your great vacation on social media, except you don’t get paid for that either, do you?!?

Well, that is about to change! Sharing what you love AND getting paid to do it just got a whole lot easier!

It is as simple as Share Vivid Beauty. Earn Cash.

As a Vivid Beauty Ambassador, you get a 30% commission when someone uses your link to purchase Vivid Beauty products. Say what???

This means even if you’re sleeping or hanging at the park with your kids, you can get paid for sharing!

And, you can give this link out over and over and over! The money goes right into your PayPal account for you to access and you didn’t even bat an eye!

How amazing is that?

The best part is – all your doing is sharing what you already love about the opportunity, community, and quality of Vivid Beauty. You might be surprised at who in your circle has been looking for something exactly like this. After all, we offer education, medical-grade skincare, natural teeth whitening, lashes, CBD, and other wellness products.

Every day, especially as Beauty Pros, we share products we love, books we’ve read, and courses we’ve taken. Vivid Beauty offers something for everyone!

If it is this easy at Vivid Beauty, it could be this easy at other places you love too, so why not check it out?

There are many companies out there that are looking for people like YOU to be an ambassador for their company and are willing to pay AMAZING money for you to simply do what you’re already doing and share what you love.

It works like this – you share their product and then they pay you a percentage of the total sale.

The percentage that you get from this is called affiliate earnings.

What are you waiting for?

Get set up as a Vivid Beauty Ambassador and then reach out to your favorite businesses and see if they have an affiliate program they can set you up with.

Getting paid and leveraging your time to literally earn money while you sleep is one of the best ways to blow your income out of the water without adding more hours to your day.

Share the Love! Get set up here!

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